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Clean Up Your Knowledge

Todays topic is related to some basic knowledge I think everyone should have regarding the flower and cannabis products they are consuming. This topic came about during the course of my research for my husband's cancer treatment. We began to notice that the majority of the cannabis market is for recreational use and not necessarily for medical use, though there are dozens upon dozens of farms that grown specifically for medical purposes most are not exclusively designed with that in mind.

Because medical patients need and/or want the purest form or concentrate of the cannabis strain they are looking for medical farms are very attentive to their grow systems and pay close attention to what chemicals and pesticides are used during the process of growing, harvesting & extraction. Some common natural pesticides that can be used to not harm both the plant and the consumer are: neem oil; which is a natural compound that can protect against bugs, molds and fungus without harming the other bugs that you WANT to hang out around the plants. Spinosad products are also a good way to get rid of any bug infestations that can be found of the plants, taking the place of harsh chemicals that are absorbed by the plants and later into your body upon consumption. If chemicals are used during the growing process that means that they are ingrained into the plants and the bud you are consuming after they are harvested. If you think about it like food they carry just about the same properties; if your food is grown with chemicals in the soil and sprayed onto the plants when growing those plants absorb all of those materials. Remember back to grade school when we learned about how plants get their energy to grow; photosynthesis, the process of obtaining nutrients from the water and surrounding environment.

I think we all have a right to consume a plant that the world has provided in its truest form. Well others have agreed over the years that; what we consume especially regarding cannabis should be something that we can consume safely. A man named Chris Van Hook started 'Clean Green Certified' in 2004 to "as a way to regulate legal cannabis-products that called themselves "organic." Consumers can rest assured when they buy a Clean Green Certified cannabis product that it has met all of the requirements of the rigorous program. " ( This can help when looking for products in a dispensary, it allows you some security that the marijuana from that grow operation using safe natural products. This helped put me at easy when buying for my husband that among the hundreds of local growers you can find in dispensaries all over the country, that clean growing can be a constant & efficiant want to consumer a healthier dose of your daily cannabis. Though 'Clean Green Certified' products are only available in California, Colorado, Montana, Nevada, Oregon & Washington, I will continue to buy these products to ensure 'Clean Green' makes it to all 50 states someday.

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