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Oh, Cannabis

Recently, our brand has been recognized for our basic knowledge and information regarding cannabis. Which is wonderful so I thought I would add a new article to help some of the new cannabis users find their way. Please keep in mind I am not an expert, but have spend years researching and studying cannabis for it's health benefit.

First and foremost, you do not have to be 'high' or 'baked' when using cannabis in your daily life. There are several methods for consuming cannabis that have no psycho active properties. This is most beneficial if you are gonna be using cannabis for mainly medical or health purposes instead of the general 'high' feeling that is so closely associated with marijuana.

Cannabis has been widely used since ancient times. The first record of it's health benefits occurred around 2737 B.C. by the Chinese. Stating it's benefit for several ailments, including gout. As the market for cannabis and hemp grew it was taking around the world, allowing more and more to discover it's health benefits from glaucoma, inflammation, sore eyes and even bad humor.

A lot of people use cannabis for it's euphoric effects, but for those looking for health benefits it also helps with inflammation, muscle aches, anxiety, stress, immune system function, menstrual cramps and even help supports your cardio vascular system. It does this by enhancing the pre-existing THC & CBD levels in our body. Yes, our body naturally makes the same terpenes that are so prevalent in cannabis. These terpenes are responsible for a million things within the human body but by allowing them to reach their full potential, allows the body to heal and manage certain things that would otherwise be given a pill or other synthetic drugs to treat.

There are also several ways to consume cannabis to gain the best effects desired. This can range from smoking the flower to consuming fan hemp leaves on salads, or in a smoothie. If you are curious about other forms of consumption please feel free to leave a comment below :) Together through shared knowledge we as a people will be free to consume the plants that nature has so gracefully given to us.

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