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2 Dec 2017

Todays topic is related to some basic knowledge I think everyone should have regarding the flower and cannabis products they are consuming. This topic came about during the course of my research for my husband's cancer treatment. We began to notice that the majority of the cannabis market is for recreational use and not necessarily for medical use, though there are dozens upon dozens of farms that grown specifically for medical purposes most are not exclusively designed with that in mind.

Because medical patients need and/or want the purest form or concentrate of the cannabis strain they are looking for medical farms are very attentive to their grow systems and pay close attention to what chemicals and pesticides are used during the process of growing, harvesting & extraction. Some common natural pesticides that can be used to not harm both the plant and the consumer are: neem oil; which is a natural compound that can protect against bugs, molds and fungus without harming the other bugs...

25 Nov 2017

I don't think there is a right choice to make or right way to live when you have something like cancer. Every single thing you do is trial and error. Even the the so called 'treatments' they give us, before they do they say this only has this percentage chance of working. Usually it is under 50% and still approved to be a successful treatment for some reason. Anyways nobody is the same and the same thing doesn't work for everybody. I have tried all the treatments they have offered me and some worked for the time being and then stopped and some of them made it even worse and I thought that was it for me finally. Luckily I don't know how to give up. They keep telling me I only have months to live and I have made it years past what they predicted no having a clue what has been working and what has not. And since they won't give us the cure there is no exact answer for anyone. The system spends billions of dollars every year just experimenting with treatments not making actual cures. Peopl...

13 Oct 2017

Recently, our brand has been recognized for our basic knowledge and information regarding cannabis. Which is wonderful so I thought I would add a new article to help some of the new cannabis users find their way. Please keep in mind I am not an expert, but have spend years researching and studying cannabis for it's health benefit.

First and foremost, you do not have to be 'high' or 'baked' when using cannabis in your daily life. There are several methods for consuming cannabis that have no psycho active properties. This is most beneficial if you are gonna be using cannabis for mainly medical or health purposes instead of the general 'high' feeling that is so closely associated with marijuana. 

Cannabis has been widely used since ancient times. The first record of it's health benefits occurred around 2737 B.C. by the Chinese. Stating it's benefit for several ailments, including gout. As the market for cannabis and hemp grew it was taking around the world, allowing more and more to di...

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